Which Jurassic Austen dino is most flirtatious?

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And here’s my contribution to the Jurassic Austen project: the most flirtatious creature in the dinosaur kingdom. Enjoy!


Siblioraptor wantonus

The siblioraptor wantonus can often be found prowling ballrooms for their next victim…er…dance partner.

Common name: Lydia Bennet (sometimes also referred to as Mary Crawford, or Henry Crawford, if male)

Description: In females, this human-sized dinosaur is often depicted with colorful feathers and an exposed décolletage. In males, the S. wantonus can often be described as wearing a rakish grin when seeking out prey. Both sexes possess sharp teeth and claws that remain hidden until they capture their prey.

Range: The S. wantonus thrives in locations where members of the opposite sex gather, i.e. ballrooms, drawing rooms, assemblies, militia parties, parsonages.

Behaviors: Siblioraptors are the most determined flirts of the dinosaur kingdom. They can best be identified by their high-pitched giggles, inappropriate touches, and other behaviors generally described as “wanton.” They are often found dancing, playing harps, or acting in plays. Because of these licentious behaviors, the siblioraptor often brings shame and ridicule upon other members of its dinosaur family.

Mating Habits: Often.


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Photo credits:

Balour bondoc: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Balaur_bondoc.jpg
Majunasaurus: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Majungasaurus_DB.jpg